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Prepare for Winter Cycling Like a Pro!

When the temperature drops and the cold winds arrive, it's easy to hibernate your bike and wait until spring, but there is another option!

The winter cycling experience can be exciting and rewarding if done right. Here are some tips:

Dressing is key: Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your body, add heat-retaining layers to lock in heat, and finish with a wind- and water-resistant outer layer. It is extremely important to keep your fingers and toes warm, they are the first things that start to get cold and spoil the ride. NB! One of the best investments for winter riding is winter boots!

Tires: I recommend the use of tires as wide as possible for better balance, and if possible consider the use of lamellar or studded tires, with studded tires it is quite safe to drive even on bare ice, but at the expense of general rolling and driving pleasure.

Lights and Reflectors: The days are shorter in winter, so equip your bike with bright lights and reflectors to ensure you are noticed by others.

Hydration: Don't underestimate the importance of drinking in cold weather. Drink water throughout the ride and a good trick is an insulated water bottle to prevent the water from freezing.

Nutrition: Winter cycling burns more calories, as energy is also used to keep the body warm. Bring energy-rich snacks, such as dried fruit or energy bars, to maintain energy levels during the ride.

Warm-up and Stretching: Cold muscles are more susceptible to injury. Start with a good warm-up and add stretching exercises to your routine to maintain flexibility.

Maintenance: Winter is a tough time for a bike, especially when riding in salt. Keep it in good condition by cleaning and lubricating the transmission regularly.

Safety First: Be careful, especially on icy roads. Slow down, avoid sudden movements and give yourself enough stopping distance.

Winter cycling with a snow-covered landscape and fresh air is a pleasant experience, prepare yourself accordingly and try it out! #winterbiking

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