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Indoor cycling : why to choose it?

If riding in the rain, cold and dark in winter is not your thing, then you should think about a indoor cycling.

Pros of indoor cycling

  1. Weather: Whether it's snowing or raining, indoor training lets you maintain a consistent workout routine, eliminating weather-related excuses.

  2. Time: Dressing for inclement weather is an undertaking and a stressful activity in itself. In indoor training, you put on pants and shoes, and you can train whenever you have a free moment, which is why it is also great for someone with a fast pace of life.

  3. Data: Many trainers offer accurate data: power, cadence and more, helping you better monitor your workouts.

  4. Zwift and Virtual Worlds: Platforms like Zwift offer a virtual cycling experience with races, group rides and surrounding worlds, adding fun to your indoor rides.

  5. Structured workouts: Easier to follow specific training programs, do intervals and structured workouts to effectively reach your fitness goals.

Disadvantages of indoor cycling

  1. Fresh air and discovery: Although indoor training offers comfort, it can never fully replace the experience of cycling outdoors and the joy of discovering new routes.

  2. Boredom factor: The monotony of indoor training can lead to boredom, and by the start of the season, you may lose your appetite for cycling altogether. Different virtual programs, music, series, movies can help against this.

  3. Overheating: With indoor training, one becomes sweaty and hot quite quickly. Investing in a good fan is definitely worth it, but even with that, it's inevitable that your body temperature will rise.

Remember that the choice between indoor and outdoor cycling often comes down to personal preference and goals. Many find that a combination of both worlds is the best option that works for them.

Which device to choose?

I recommend choosing a well-known manufacturer's "Smart" trainer, which shows you data and also changes the climb % in the programs, e.g. Tacx or Wahoo products, which ensure the best possible experience and ease of service.

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